About Us

Who we are

We are a well-established Spices manufacturing, processing, and exporting organization in Nigeria. We are an organization that strives for excellence. We believe in providing our customers with the greatest quality items as well as exceptional customer service. To do this, we use premium ingredients sourced from throughout the world. We've spent more than three decades inventing creative items that improve on wonderful meals. Around the country, we supply spices, flavorings, and unique mixes to food service distributors, manufacturers, and restaurants. We have created nine brands that are critical to the success of our consumers and our business. We offer a brand that caters to everyone's needs, from big-time distributors to the most inexperienced cook in the kitchen.

At Inrad Foods, we are tireless in staying abreast of innovation, product development, and consumer trends. Due to the high level of commitment by the company, our operations have proved a success providing the best quality spices products all over the world. We have established a separate plantation exclusively for export markets.

Our Vision

To be a market leader by supplying value added quality product of Inrad spices to all over the world.

Our Mission

While sustaining leadership position in cinnamon and spices supply, we strive boldly venture in to the market, improve-quality standard, launch new product lines thus promoting our products and brands, and thereby earning valuable relationship and trust of customer.

Our Objective

The ultimate objective is to
provide tasty, healthy and
nutritious foods to the
kitchens, in all over the

Certified Products

Our processes comply with all necessary regulatory standardst

We Deal With Various Quality Organic Products!

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